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Welcome to the Home of Honda Odyssey

PostPosted: Thu, 10 May 2012 5:07 pm
by RazOdc
It all started when a group of Honda Odyssey owners meet and discuss about this sports MPV in the virtual world which was in the early of 2008. From a humble forum in Motor Trader to the Yahoo Group and now here in this website. In the initial stage, there was bien335 ODC12 aka Affendi from Southern, Kayzee ODC33 aka Kamarul Zaman from East Coast, sulphur ODC7 aka Halim from Northern, Ismal ODC6 aka ayozzhero and myself RazOdc ODC65 aka Razak from the Central. Our discussion focused on Odyssey and nothing else. Since the Motor Trader Forum has limited functions, we decided to move on and create a Odyssey Yahoo Group. It was there that new members started to join and ask questions on Honda Odyssey. The list started to grow and we decided that we need a dedicated site in the virtual world for it so that more members can get access to our discussion and post pictures. Hence with the support from Ismal this website was successfully established on October 9, 2008 at 11.04pm and known as Malaysia Honda Odyssey Club.
We have decided that the objectives of this web site is to create a community for Honda Odyssey car owners and
share information, experiences and resources among members without any obligation. Since then we have gathered information and experiences through posts and TT (Teh Tarik) sessions with members. These information are very valuable for newbies, owners and enthusiast of Honda Odyssey locally and internationally.



MyOdyssey 1st Activity - Honda Mega Gathering Nov 08, 2008

As the club grew with more members, we initiated other activities such as convoys with families, corporate social responsibility (CSR) events, sports activities, linkages with other motor clubs and assistance to members. By having this website we have established a network of Honda Odyssey members through out Malaysia and we will strive to keep on improving it for the benefits of MyOdyssey Club members.